Wednesday, December 16, 2009

two one za two
two two za four
two three za six

many of us have grown up mugging this and I always wondered what is this ZA, is it a synonym of "equals to" ??

Just a casual browsing today answered this long pending query of mine

its actually

two 1s are two
two 2s are four
two 3s are six

Thanks to the anonymous who clarified this thing to me today.

If we divide the whole table in columns, I always thought that its the "1st column" being counted "2nd column" times gives you the result in "3rd column". Its actually the "2nd column" counted "1st column" time gives you the result in "3rd column".

Confused? Have fun....


jassi said...

yeah sure...One into one is more like it...

Mandrake said...

Wow !!! thats an amazing find. Its an eye opener. I'll use it when my children reach that stage.

ashishsoni2k said...

thank you so much

Zeenar Saleem said...

Thanks :P I was also searching for the meaning of "za" and found it on your blog :) Thanks buddy

Zeenar Saleem said...

Ahhhh. :) I am also from the same system :) I also wondered what this "ZA" stands for... Thanks for clarification :)

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