1 comments Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the brighter side :)
# Shifted to Delhi from Pune.
# Bought another car.
# Worked for Commonwealth Games 2010.
# Finally got married to Stuti.
# Went to Puri & then Nainital for honeymoon.
# Delivered talks/lectures in IIM Ahmedabad & IIT Madras.
# Tajmahal & Delhi tourism with Stuti along with few more places in north.
# Decided to quit Commonwealth Games 2010.
# Organized ClubHack2009.
# Organized Indo-UK cyber security roundtable conference in ClubHack2009.
# Did wardriving in Pune again
# Worked for some serious national security projects.
# & right now baking a cake for the new year :)

On the down side :(
# No bike rides this year. Need to get back there.
# No more girlfriends, those were the days...
# Very less parties, need to party more
# Didn't organized even a single BarCamp, just attended one.

In total a very happening year. Hope to have 2010 a better one

Wish you all the readers a very happy & prosperous new year.

1 comments Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas & New year is here and its the time many people buy/exchange gifts. So if the next shiny gift in your hand is a smartphone, then remember following tips to be safe & secure your data.

1. Don't loose track of your phone.
This one goes non-technical. Don't loose the sight of your smartphone. Keep you eyes on it when you leave it anywhere, especially at the airport security checkin. The nature of data stored on phone makes it more important now

2. Turn off Wifi & Bluetooth
Keep wifi & bluetooth turned off when not in use. I'm sure you are smart enough by now not to accept unknown bluetooth connections but what about wifi. When you use wifi, always remember to use encrypted connections. BTW turning these off will also conserve your battery.

3. Do not sync everything
Its the first thing everyone tries to do after getting a smartphone, sync it up with your PC. Though it comes very handy, but avoid the temptation of syncing your password and very critical information which you often store in notes of outlook or similar apps. If the phone gets stolen, just remember you might be giving away everything.

4. Do not click on links in emails/sms.
SPAM has also gone smartphone way, now and then you might get an SMS/MMS for some offer and link to click. DONOT click any such link unless you have verified it in depth. Same goes for mails on phone, follow the similar rule of your PC.

5. Download apps with care.
The first thing anyone would love to do after getting a shiny new phone is download & install applications, that too loads of them. Always make sure you are downloading them from trusted sources. Sometime common apps are rebundled with malwares and kept for download at different websites. If you know an application, download it from its parent website only.

6. Backup your data.
Most importantly keep a backup of our data. A regular sync with PC will ensure this but still make sure you have copies of the phone data on your PC which I hope is regularly getting backed up.

Smartphones are actually the best gadget to digitise your life and really are very helpful. All you need to do is take little extra care and make it safe.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

5 comments Wednesday, December 16, 2009

two one za two
two two za four
two three za six

many of us have grown up mugging this and I always wondered what is this ZA, is it a synonym of "equals to" ??

Just a casual browsing today answered this long pending query of mine

its actually

two 1s are two
two 2s are four
two 3s are six

Thanks to the anonymous who clarified this thing to me today.

If we divide the whole table in columns, I always thought that its the "1st column" being counted "2nd column" times gives you the result in "3rd column". Its actually the "2nd column" counted "1st column" time gives you the result in "3rd column".

Confused? Have fun....