Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here is a bunch of CheatSheets which might be useful from time to time to use as a reference:
# TCP/IP and tcpdump Cheat Sheet - SANS.org
# Google Hacking and Defense Cheat Sheet - SANS.org
# Intrusion Discovery Cheat Sheet Windows - SANS.org
# Intrusion Discovery Cheat Sheet Linux - SANS.org
# SQL Injection Cheat Sheet - ha.ckers.org
# Cross Site Scripting Cheat Sheet - ha.ckers.org
# Web application Cheat Sheet - secguru.com
# Linux Security Quick Reference Guide - Linuxsecurity.com
# LINUX Administrator’s Quick Reference Card - cheat-sheets.org
# Oracle Security Cheat Sheet - red-database-security.com
# Nmap & Nessus Cheat Sheet - secguru.com
# Security Incident Survey Cheat Sheet - zeltser.com
# Initial Security Incident Questionnaire for Responder - zeltser.com
# BGP, EIGRP, First Hop Redundancy, 802.1X, IPsec, IPv4 Multicast, IPv6, IS-IS, OSPF , STP, tcpdump, Wireshark, Common Ports, IP Access Lists, Subnetting, Markdown, MediaWiki, MPLS,QoS, VLANs, Cisco IOS, Physical Terminations Cheat Sheets - packetlife.net

If you have more, post them in comments & I'll update the list :)


abhi_luck said...

very good one

any cheat sheet available for
configuring routing protocols like

Anant Shrivastava said...

thanks for the list

Tim Church said...

Great list! I've added all of these cheat sheets to the directory on devcheatsheet.com.

You can find more Security Cheat Sheets on devcheatsheet.com.

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