2 comments Thursday, October 30, 2008

Working on windows XP I have faced this problem a hunder times. While copying files from one folder to another where the some of the file already exists we see this "Confirm file replace" dialog box.At times when there are many duplicate files, it feels stupid to keep clicking "No" or pressing "N" on keyboard. If Microsoft can keep a "Yes to all" button, why can't they keep a "No to all".

OK, here's the solution. Simply press and hold "Shift" key and then click on "No" button. Bang!
This combination works as "No to all".

Happy Copy/Paste :)

3 comments Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Google announced so called OpenID launch which scared me again about OpenID
I'm not totally against OpenID concept, I'm just paranoid about it at this stage.

Here's my take on

2 comments Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hey Friends,
I'm back online after a small pause of 10-15 days. I wished I could have gone offline like Tarun, Moksh , Harsha and many others who take a break, disconnect themselves from computer/Internet world and enjoy their non-digital life. But this pause of mine was little different.

I was not away from my laptop or Internet or cellphone or computer industry but I was still offline tied up in something very different. So busy that was not in a position to twit also, my last twit was on 4th of October :)
As the Director Technology of Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008, I was juggling with a lot of stuff and was busy managing a very different technology. Soon I'll be posting some details about this games time technology.

Though I live in Pune, but I spent my last 15 days in a hotel near the stadium, no time to go home :(. As of now blogging from the hotel only and will be checking out today.

I apologize from all my friends who tried to contact me and I was not in a situation to give proper time to them, I apologize for missing some big things in between which includes book launch of Preeti, wedding of a close friend, anniversary of a friend, 2 birthdays, a barcamp and a lot of personal stuff (meeting prospects, you know which kind of prospects).

Thanks to all for understanding and thanks to all who sent me SMS wishes during the games, my friends are great.

AND now its time to do the wrapup of the games and prepare for ClubHack08. Life will be little busy again, but lets keep in touch.