Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ok! Have been hearing a lot of noise about wifi connection getting attacked and misused. So thought of writting a small howto for securing home wifi device.


  • # Open the configuration of your home wifi device. Generally its done by opening the IP address of your wireless router in the browser
  • # Login to this configuration page and go to device setting
  • # Change the defaul password of this device, i need not tell you what is called as strong password
  • # Go to wireless setting or wireless security setting
  • # Select WPA (or WPA-PSK, WPA-Personal, depending on your device model)
  • # Put a strong password here too.
  • # Done

Remember, one should NOT use "WEP" or "OPEN" configuration

Example screenshots to help you




Obviously this is not 100% security because nothing is 100% secure, But this will surely secure your home wifi from 80% of the attacks.


Ps said...

This evening i am surely trying to do this..To be honest i have not understood what you mention here--but I'll try step by step.will let u know.
Thanks so much for this post.

Ps said...

Managed to do it--Hooray!!
Thanks for this post..Once the book and CYG is done, we'll have to write it for TOI.

Vaibhavi said...
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anaz said...
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