0 comments Thursday, September 18, 2008

Now this is cool!
I use this hosting provider called "dreamhost" which gives a lot of webspace and bandwidth. When I signed up few years back I got some 200gb space and a few TB bandwidth which is increasing weekly like your gmail account space and now my account is above 600gb and >6TB in bandwidth :) .

Now this company has turned 11 and offered UNLIMITED space for new signups.
Along with that they offer existing customers to create promo code and offer extra discount to new signups.
So I created a promo code "plus50" which will give you $50 flat discount on any hosting plan you buy from dreamhost.

I loved this hosting company for few things
# Wonderful support.
# Out of the league working style.
# Friendly team
# They give you free SSH accounts so power users can do a lot more
# I haven't faced any downtime, so for me its ZERO downtime
# One can host unlimited domains on this space, no limitation. I host some 80+ domain on this
# Unlimited: space, bandwidth, email, domains, mysql, SSH account.
# One click install of: joomla, wordpress, mediawiki, phpbb, zencart and many more.

So if you are interested in buying a LOT of space for yourself online, go ahead and act fast to enjoy this unlimited offer. Use promo code plus50 to get extra $50 discount.

4 comments Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ok! Have been hearing a lot of noise about wifi connection getting attacked and misused. So thought of writting a small howto for securing home wifi device.


  • # Open the configuration of your home wifi device. Generally its done by opening the IP address of your wireless router in the browser
  • # Login to this configuration page and go to device setting
  • # Change the defaul password of this device, i need not tell you what is called as strong password
  • # Go to wireless setting or wireless security setting
  • # Select WPA (or WPA-PSK, WPA-Personal, depending on your device model)
  • # Put a strong password here too.
  • # Done

Remember, one should NOT use "WEP" or "OPEN" configuration

Example screenshots to help you




Obviously this is not 100% security because nothing is 100% secure, But this will surely secure your home wifi from 80% of the attacks.

3 comments Monday, September 01, 2008

Google announced the launch of its new browser called chrome. It will be launched in US on tuesday, thats end of the day today.

Glimps of the product was released via comic (which I think is a nice way to communicate).
BTW this comic was created by Scott McCloud of classic Understanding Comics fame.

Product Homepage: http://gears.google.com/chrome/ (speculated)
UPDATE: Insider information says product homepage will be www.google.com/chrome once released

Will this browser kill Firefox: Not possible
Will this browser kill IE: Might not, thats the default browser in the most popular and "default" OS
Will this browser kill opera etc: Time will tell.
Let's wait and watch how good/bad is this new browser.