Sunday, April 06, 2008

A flash file is embeded here & might take time to load.

Thanks Preeti for pointing me to this. She sang this with her kids for ~16 times :)

Thanks Ye Li for the hard work

UPDATE: Edited the video size as it was hogging the screen hiding the comments.
Need to change the template also, suggest me something in black ;)


Ps said...

Wow!How in the world did you manage to embed that? (Don't answer!I am suitably impressed)
And thanks for the mention--I still cannot get it out of my head! It is amazingly well done--and I like this video so much better than the original one!

rajk said...

One word - WOW! Amazing! Mind-blowing!
Hey, my head's buzzing with the song, so I couldn't keep track of the no. of words!
Great job!!

Gazal said...

haven't seen the original am impressed with this one...

love this song,but wasnt sure of a lot of now


Rohit Srivastwa said...

P: Yes the song is addictive enough to stay on your mind :)

Rajk: Did you tried clicking on the iamges in the song, try it

Gazal: See the original one and you'll love this one more

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