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Ok, here goes the 3rd barcamp of Mumbai & this time blogcamp was plugged along with it.It was a good camp, i would call it a great success.

I gave a tiny talk on security related issues for those who maintain thier own installations of blogs.

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Akshay, my grads days buddy is now a "papa"

Reached Meerut today by 1400hrs, took lunch and rushed to hospital to meet Swati.
Swati, the brave girl was in pain but still was wearing her lovely smile. It wasn't late when she was taken to the labour room. It was like the angle was waiting for me to come :)

At 1620 hours, the little angel came into OUR life, Yes! this family is like my second home. She is so pretty and cute and tiny and lovely. Holding her was all together a different experience.

Too tired to write more but yes! I'm very much excited :D

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Great Video by Vineet @ Pune Blogger Meet
Nice work Vineet

I am the Blog

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Did I forgot to tell you?

OK, here's the link to my FriendFeed page. Now you don't have to fetch individual RSS feeds of mine to follow me.


Just point your feedreader to this and I'll feed your feedreader. I promise your feedreader wont starve.

If you have a friendfeed account, just post it in the comments so that I can keep watching you


Nice One !!!
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