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I never thought I'll be posting something long and boring like this but feeling like putting few words on this subject.

I'm leaving Pune and shifting to Delhi for few years. For those who know I worked as Director Technology for the Commonwealth Youth Games held in october 2008 and same is the reason why I'm moving to Delhi. I'll be working for the Commonwealth Games to be held in October 2010.

Its been 6 years and 1 quater I lived in this classy city Pune. Have seen this city growing like anything and now its feeling bad to leave this city of geeks.

I love Pune because:

# City of Geeks: You always bump onto a few geeks everytime you are out. We organized many BarCamps and other Camps here and noticed that the talks/crowd of Pune were more inclined towards geeky stuff than general talk-talk stuff.

# City of Good Girls: no more comments ;)

# City of Wannapreneurs: I love the wave of Pune's special wannapreneurs. Everyone(nearly) is jumping up with a new concept and doing something very interesting. Saw rise and fall(very less though) of some very nice startups.

# City of Wannabe's: People in Pune are there to learn any damn (technical) thing they can. I found so many such people here who are ready to do anything to learn something new. And when it came to my hacking zone I found more number of such energetic people who are ready to bunk classes and offices just to learn something cool. Ya I'm not talking about roadsense and some other stuff :) That might take some time.

# City of Foodies: I loved this charateristics of Pune. Though you'll not find a lot of roadside fun eating joints, but I really like the kind of eatouts Pune has :P~ Someone who is foody like me will always find Pune as a fun place to be in. Starting from typical Puneri food to all the different cuisines. From Dots ice-cream to Naturals. From Gulabjamun to Basundi. From handi dahi at sinhagadh to goodnight at ajuba. STOP IT ROHIT!!!

# City of Communities: ClubHack, Barcamp, Blogcamp, Phpcamp, Ideacamp, Jugcamp, developergarage, null, firefox gang, twitter gang, I'm sure I'm mising a lot of names here.

# City of Non-Tech Communities: How can I forget my Royal Enfield gang "RoadShakers". Then we had Pune Eatouts, Wine Tasting Club, Pune Trekkers, Adventure Sports Clubs.

# City of Enthu Students: If you are in Pune and need a quick helping hand in any thing, just get in touch with a 1-2 students and see how the whole work is done. I loved the enthusiasm of students community here to DO something.

# City of Wonderful Night Life: I remember coming home at 2am or 4am from parties and still it used to be so safe. So many beautiful places for wonderful night life in Pune. So many people in the wee hours at the parties.

# City of Art and Culture: People here still have time to spend on art and culture. I know people leaving jobs just to do paintings & photography. Attended so many concerts so many many big artists. Even watched marathi plays here.

# City of my great friends: I made a great circle of of friends here in Pune. Every hangout I used to bump on to some new and some old friends. Would it be OK to name a few here??? Let's not hurt readers with a LOOOOONG list of names here. But all my friends know how much thankful I'm to them for being in my life.

I know I have listed things those were of my interest and there can be hundred such lists by different people and thats the thing I love about Pune. A city for everyone, always there to welcome one and all with open arms (ya I know this statement went little bollywood style). I can still write a lot about Pune but that will surely put you to sleep.

Its little hard to leave Pune and its forcing me to plan my comeback in this city. I'll be back Pune. I'll miss Pune and seems like Pune will miss me to.

GoodBye Pune, Stay Classy Pune

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Following HDMoore's twit I stumbled on this case of Man-in-the-middle attack with a valid SSL certificate from a shady reseller.

Eddy Nigg was able to buy a certificate in the name of mozilla.com from a reseller of comodo named 'Certstar'.

In response of this issue, comodo says

That reseller's ability to sell Comodo certificates has been suspended while we
investigate why they are apparently not fulfilling their contractual obligations
to us. We revoked your certificate for mozilla.com.

If this is the situation, why do an attacker need to work hard to do arp poisoning and other tricks to do an MITM. Phishers will be happy to use this kind of shady resellers.

Or maybe they are already using these kind of stupid CAs to get a valid certificates.

Call me crazy/paranoid /fanatic or whatever you want to but I've deleted COMODO from both of my browsers (IE & FF). Chrome uses the same from IE so it became easy for me ;)

This is indeed scary, very scary...


Yesterday on 22nd of December 2008, Lok Sabha and today on 23rd December 2008, Rajya Sabha passed the Information Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2006"

It was passed by Rajya Sabha also within one minute. See extracts from Rajya Sabha Bulletin

2-04 p.m.
(3) The Information Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2008, as passed by Lok Sabha. Shri A. Raja, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, moved motion for the consideration of the Bill. The motion for consideration of the Bill was adopted.
Clauses 2 to 49, the First Schedule and the Second Schedule were adopted.
Clause 1, the Enacting Formula and the Title were adopted.
2-05 p.m.
The motion moved by Shri A. Raja that the Bill be passed was adopted and the Bill was passed.

The details of the these amendments which are in addition to the original 2006 copy can be downloaded from here

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Ooh not me, but thinking of doing it soon

But XKCD is so true again :)

I'm thinking of messing with both PERL & Python.
Don't be amused, I'm OK, healthy and fine. Just want to do some dirty scritping

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NDTV took an interview and a few bytes on 6th December in ClubHack but somehow they telecasted it as wardriving report.

Few clarifications here.
1: its not a group of students-turned-hackers
2: not even teenagers, butno harm if someone is reducing my age by 10 years or so

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I found this tiny(absolute tiny) and wonderful utility for windows mobile.

It uses top 2 pixel row of your screen and shows you the battery as well as memory status. A quick look at the phone will give you an idea that how much battery is remaining and if you have enough memory free or not.

See the top 2 pixel of the screenshot

See the top 2 pixel of the screenshot

Name: powerstatus.exe
Size: 3584 bytes
License: Freeware
Download: http://freewareppc.com/utilities/powerstatus.shtml

Put this in your windows mobile startup and have fun. I'm loving it :)


One day to go for the India's second hackers' convention

Date: 6th & 7th December 2008
Place: Pune
Venue: International Convention Center, SB Road. Address
Schedule: Schedule
Registration: Registration

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On 10th November 2008, ClubHack with support of Cyber Crime Cell of Pune Police conducted a Wardriving in Pune, Maharashtra.

This Wardriving aimed at analysis of wireless network security in Pune city at common places like ITparks, residential areas, market areas, hotels, airport etc.

To our amaze, we found nearly 81% of Pune's wifi to be insecure ( I count WEP as insecure)

Find the report and analysis @ http://wardrive.in/

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Ever wondered what is this “Free Public WiFi” or “Free Internet Access” wireless network visible in most of the places?
These are known as Viral SSID, don’t expect it to be a free access to internet :)

Read more about Viral SSID on ClubHack blog

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Working on windows XP I have faced this problem a hunder times. While copying files from one folder to another where the some of the file already exists we see this "Confirm file replace" dialog box.At times when there are many duplicate files, it feels stupid to keep clicking "No" or pressing "N" on keyboard. If Microsoft can keep a "Yes to all" button, why can't they keep a "No to all".

OK, here's the solution. Simply press and hold "Shift" key and then click on "No" button. Bang!
This combination works as "No to all".

Happy Copy/Paste :)

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Google announced so called OpenID launch which scared me again about OpenID
I'm not totally against OpenID concept, I'm just paranoid about it at this stage.

Here's my take on

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Hey Friends,
I'm back online after a small pause of 10-15 days. I wished I could have gone offline like Tarun, Moksh , Harsha and many others who take a break, disconnect themselves from computer/Internet world and enjoy their non-digital life. But this pause of mine was little different.

I was not away from my laptop or Internet or cellphone or computer industry but I was still offline tied up in something very different. So busy that was not in a position to twit also, my last twit was on 4th of October :)
As the Director Technology of Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008, I was juggling with a lot of stuff and was busy managing a very different technology. Soon I'll be posting some details about this games time technology.

Though I live in Pune, but I spent my last 15 days in a hotel near the stadium, no time to go home :(. As of now blogging from the hotel only and will be checking out today.

I apologize from all my friends who tried to contact me and I was not in a situation to give proper time to them, I apologize for missing some big things in between which includes book launch of Preeti, wedding of a close friend, anniversary of a friend, 2 birthdays, a barcamp and a lot of personal stuff (meeting prospects, you know which kind of prospects).

Thanks to all for understanding and thanks to all who sent me SMS wishes during the games, my friends are great.

AND now its time to do the wrapup of the games and prepare for ClubHack08. Life will be little busy again, but lets keep in touch.

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Now this is cool!
I use this hosting provider called "dreamhost" which gives a lot of webspace and bandwidth. When I signed up few years back I got some 200gb space and a few TB bandwidth which is increasing weekly like your gmail account space and now my account is above 600gb and >6TB in bandwidth :) .

Now this company has turned 11 and offered UNLIMITED space for new signups.
Along with that they offer existing customers to create promo code and offer extra discount to new signups.
So I created a promo code "plus50" which will give you $50 flat discount on any hosting plan you buy from dreamhost.

I loved this hosting company for few things
# Wonderful support.
# Out of the league working style.
# Friendly team
# They give you free SSH accounts so power users can do a lot more
# I haven't faced any downtime, so for me its ZERO downtime
# One can host unlimited domains on this space, no limitation. I host some 80+ domain on this
# Unlimited: space, bandwidth, email, domains, mysql, SSH account.
# One click install of: joomla, wordpress, mediawiki, phpbb, zencart and many more.

So if you are interested in buying a LOT of space for yourself online, go ahead and act fast to enjoy this unlimited offer. Use promo code plus50 to get extra $50 discount.

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Ok! Have been hearing a lot of noise about wifi connection getting attacked and misused. So thought of writting a small howto for securing home wifi device.


  • # Open the configuration of your home wifi device. Generally its done by opening the IP address of your wireless router in the browser
  • # Login to this configuration page and go to device setting
  • # Change the defaul password of this device, i need not tell you what is called as strong password
  • # Go to wireless setting or wireless security setting
  • # Select WPA (or WPA-PSK, WPA-Personal, depending on your device model)
  • # Put a strong password here too.
  • # Done

Remember, one should NOT use "WEP" or "OPEN" configuration

Example screenshots to help you




Obviously this is not 100% security because nothing is 100% secure, But this will surely secure your home wifi from 80% of the attacks.

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Google announced the launch of its new browser called chrome. It will be launched in US on tuesday, thats end of the day today.

Glimps of the product was released via comic (which I think is a nice way to communicate).
BTW this comic was created by Scott McCloud of classic Understanding Comics fame.

Product Homepage: http://gears.google.com/chrome/ (speculated)
UPDATE: Insider information says product homepage will be www.google.com/chrome once released

Will this browser kill Firefox: Not possible
Will this browser kill IE: Might not, thats the default browser in the most popular and "default" OS
Will this browser kill opera etc: Time will tell.
Let's wait and watch how good/bad is this new browser.

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In Fyodor’s talk at Blackhat he talked about the research he’s been doing, and the ways that research has helped him to improve Nmap with lot many enhancements. Let's have a look at the most interesting one.


One of Fyodor’s main focuses was improving Nmap’s speed through improved
efficiency. One of the best ways to do this is to allow for scans of fewer
ports, but this requires that you choose those ports carefully so as to miss as
little as possible. So what he did, through trial and error and tons of scans,
was figure out the most frequently open ports on the Internet.

Here they are for each protocol:


  1. 80
  2. 23
  3. 22
  4. 443
  5. 3389
  6. 445
  7. 139
  8. 21
  9. 135
  10. 25


  1. 137
  2. 161
  3. 1434
  4. 123
  5. 138
  6. 445
  7. 135
  8. 67
  9. 139
  10. 53

Ok, so now that we know what the top 10 ports are, wouldn’t it be cool to be
able to scan based on them? And what if we wanted to scan the top 50? Or the top

Fyodor has built this in with the --top-ports option. It’s
wicked nice, and you invoke it like this:

nmap –top-ports 100 $target

And of course, 100 is just an arbitrary number, so you could just as easily
do this:

nmap –top-ports 3000 $target

As you increase this number you obviously gain more and more accuracy, but
because the ports are organized according to the most commonly found on the
Internet, you can scan relatively few and still have good chances of finding
everything open.

Stats from his presentation on TCP port efficiency using --top-ports:

–top-ports 10: 48%
–top-ports 50: 65%
–top-ports 100: 73%
–top-ports 250: 83%
–top-ports 500: 89%
–top-ports 1000: 93%
–top-ports 2000: 96%
–top-ports 3764: 100%

This means for just curiosity scans I can go with --top-ports
and get roughly 93% accuracy in a fraction of the time.

read about more options here.

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As promised in http://twitter.com/rohit11/statuses/895182069 here is the report of my flight experience from Delhi to Jaipur.

The day started nicely where my driver brought me from Connaught place to airport in flat 14 minutes. Though the roads were clear at 6 in the morning, but still 14 minutes is too less for this distance. It was fun.

I reached airport, and after all the formalities and waiting we started boarding. The bus at the boarding gate took us to a deserted bay where only small planes, helicopters and airforce cargo planes were standing.

There we got to know that we are about to fly in an ATR-42-320 50 seater plane. Its not that I haven't flew in an ATR but this was a bit scary. The first glimpse of it made me feel that I’m going for skydiving or an air force exercise. It was due to the look of front gate also with that strappy net guard.
Here is a view from my window the flight standing next is a similar one (ATR-42-320)
And this is the strappy net thing which made me feel like skydiving. And yes thats the elder aunt standing outside the cockpit.

When I grabbed my seat I noticed that the hook of table tray is broken the tray is fixed like this under the seat cover. This reminded me of the movie "final destination" :(. Even the news paper kept in the seat pocket was 2 days old.

When I looked out at the fan on both the side, I noticed the right fan was revolving faster than the left one. First I thought it’s just my fear. But later it turned out to be an actual problem (maybe)
I saw this girl standing outside when we were boarding but later on she turned out to be some instructor or ground crew member without a uniform or proper props. She was signaling the pilot to start and take a turn as if she was signaling a truck and guiding the parking of it.

Anyway we reached the runway and were about to start the taxi when the pilot announced that due to some technical problem they are returning to the bay. Now this added to my scare. Pilot explained that they are seeing some warning signal for the left fan (see I was right) and they are going to check whether it’s an issue or just a false alarm.

When we reached the bay, this truck sign babe turned out to be some flight engineer or whatever. She came in, checked the status and went out. And we started our way back to runway without a word from the pilot. Fan speed was still uneven. Now along with me other co-passengers were scared and someone yelled to know the status. The pilot said that the situation is "under control" and we are going to take off now.

All my life when airhostess gives those safety instructions on emergency landing on water etc, I always thought when I'll get a chance to do that. But this time I was not at all in that mood. Here during the safety instruction the elderly aunt (hostess) said that we don't have automated oxygen support system, if anyone need it kindly contact us. I suppose they had spare oxygen cylinders :((

Anyway in the second time we were able take off from ground. I was still very much scared. The complete process made us one hour late than scheduled time. The whole journey we were flying in low altitude but that I suppose is dependant on the model of plane. That was good because we were able to see a lot of stuff down.
Then came the time on serving breakfast, the elderly aunt brought a basket of muffin and puffs. It was served in just a tissue paper, no plates, and no condiments nothing. And then water was served. The first thing I did in this case was checking the seal of bottle and packing date. Atleast that was all ok.

In the midair, a slightest of turbulence sent a shiver down my spine.

Anyway the flying time was just 50 minutes and we somehow landed at Jaipur airport.
LAND Ho!!!!
Don't ask me about the feeling when I landed my foot on earth. It was like completing an adventure sport with only scare and no fun. This was my flight, I clicked it with happiness of landing safely at Jaipur
Day before of my flight, one of my friend suggested me not to take a flight to Jaipur as the driving time is only 3 hours with wonderful roads, but I had already booked so ignored her suggestion. In the flight I was thinking, why I ignored her. I should have taken the road route, in any case it took me same time in the flight too.

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Its been reported that some of the Olympic opening ceremoney fireworks were faked.
China is accused of faking it!!!! Why am I not surprised?????


If you watched the Opening Ceremony on Friday night, chances are you said
something like, "no way that's possible" at least once. It turns out you were
The faked fireworks were actually set-off at the stadium, but because of
potential dangers in filming the display live from a helicopter, viewers at home
were shown a pre-recorded, computer-generated shot. It sounds dishonest, but I'm
not sure it's such a terrible thing.


The dupe was revealed by China's Beijing Times. Speaking to the paper, the
man responsible for the animation said he was pleased with the result.
"Seeing how it worked out, it was still a bit too bright compared to
the actual fireworks," Gao Xiaolong told the newspaper.
"But most of the audience thought it was filmed live - so that was mission accomplished."

Now something more interesting, there was a BLUE-SCREEN-OF-DEATH popularly known as BSOD.

This was at the moment when Li Ning was rounding the lip of the Bird's Nest during the amazing torch-lighting climax.
Even I noticed it on my television screen ;)


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Here's a quick HOWTO on setting up your static website on Google AppEngine.
I promise to keep it very simple and easy to understand for my non-geeky friends

Registering an application:
Firstly register an application on Google AppEngine. It doesn’t matter what you call it, for this HOWTO lets name it mysamplesite.
You’ll need a regular gmail account to do this, hope you already have that (if not shame on you ;)).

Creating a local site and configuration file:
Create a local folder on your machine to for this project. Put a folder inside that containing all your web pages. It can be called anything, but the AppEngine examples always call it static. For our HOWTO lets call it home

Say if your project folder is at C:\MyWeb then this folder will be C:\MyWeb\home, and the main home page would probably be C:\MyWeb\home\index.html.
So now you have a local folder on your machine @ C:\MyWeb\home which holds your website.

Now create a text file called app.yaml in the project folder (C:\MyWeb\app.yaml) with the following contents (I hope you know that you have to change the mysamplesite entry to the name you registered):

application: mysamplesite
version: 1
runtime: python
api_version: 1

- url: (.*)/
static_files: home\1/index.html

- url: /
static_dir: home

Creating the environment for upload:
The website and all related configuration is now ready for upload. Now you need to set up the enviroment for it. Don't worry I'll not ask you to do any coding, its simple "next-> next" kind of installation

# Download and install python from http://www.python.org/download/ and install it. (Simple "next->next" installation)
# Download and install Google AppEngine SDK from http://code.google.com/appengine/downloads.html (Nothing
to worry I promise)

Uploading the website:
Now its the time to upload your static website. All you have to do is run the following command from command prompt.
appcfg.py update C:\MyWeb

This will ask you for your email address. Enter the one you used for creation of application. Next it will ask for your gmail password, don't worry & type it too.
It will show some text and screen & BANG! your static website is up and running on Google AppEngine.

Now you can access your website by the url http://mysamplesite.appspot.com/ (change mysamplesite to your project name).

Explanation of app.yaml file:
The second handler specification (for url: /, handled by static_dir: home) means that AppEngine will serve the page home\folder\abc.xyz whenever a user requests http://mysamplesite.appspot.com/folder/abc.xyz. That’s 95% of a static web site. And the first handler specification (for url: (.*)/) says that any request to a URL ending with a slash should return the index.html page in that folder. So a request to http://mysamplesite.appspot.com/folder/ would return the file home\folder\index.html.

Changing the site name to your website name:
Obviously you don't want to show the world your website as mysamplesite.appspot.com. So now lets change the URL to your website name.
For this you need to have a Google Apps hosted domain. If you already haven't done that, go for it cause it will give you the following for free
a) email server: multiple email address with @yourdomain.com
b) Google docs
c) Calendar
d) Google talk
and much more... and all by your domain name.

Once you have the Google Apps account, go to https://www.google.com/a/cpanel/YOURDOMAIN.COM/SelectServices and enter your AppID (mysamplesite in our example)
Accept the terms and condition and create a name for your project.
Next you'll be asked to create a CNAME entry in your DNS. If you are new to this, read the documentation on the page and you'll be able to do it. Its not a rocket science anyway.
Once done you can access your new static website hosted on Google AppEngine by your own domain name.

That's easy, isn't it.

Benefits of site on Google AppEngine:
a) High end google servers
b) No worries of downtime
c) High availablity
d) No pain of maintaining the server settings if you have only static website
e) FREE !!! This can make your complete web presence for free. Blog @ Blogspot, Album @ Picasa, Website @ AppEngine, mail @ gmail ( or hosted google mail), presentations and files @ Docs. All you need to pay is cost of domain name(~$10).

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Many of you might have used Google docs and spreadsheet, but have you ever tried this "magic" trick ;)

Ok, open up a spreadsheet and enter "Google" in the top left cell, and enter "Yahoo" in the cell below. Now select both the cells you created. Hold down the Ctrl key, and drag the bottom right corner of the selection downwards over the other cells. See the fun when you release the key/mouse

A sample screenshot

You can try any combinations and have fun

Try combinations like:

a) file, edit....
b) batman, superman....
c) olympics, asian games....
d) abhishek, amitabh...
e) tom cruise, brad pitt...

Q: What's happening here?
A: Well, thats from a member of Google Labs called Google Sets. One of the oldest member of labs and still listed. This tool automatically expands a given set of items. And which is being used for fun/productivity in spreadsheet :)

Tell me if you find some more interesting sets of keywords

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Imagine a company with almost 20000 employees…
… with 1 billion customers
… created from scratch in less than 3 years
… operating for just a few weeks

1000s journalists are in town…
…to capture the scoop
…successes and failures

With more than 200 people…
… to roll out the entire IT infrastructure of the “company”
… to issue passport-grade badges to all 20000 “employees”
… Then to manage the IT operations for 2 weeks
… and then undo it all…

Guess which company is this???

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On 24th July 2008, Google rolled out an option which you can use to force your communication with Gmail server over secure channel (read HTTPS).

If you go to the Settings and select "always use https", Gmail will automatically redirect to the secure version. Until now, you had to manually type https://mail.google.com/ in the address bar or bookmark the address.

As per Google

"If you sign in to Gmail via a non-secure Internet connection, like a public
wireless or non-encrypted network, your Google account may be more vulnerable to
hijacking. Non-secure networks make it easier for someone to impersonate you and
gain full access to your Google account, including any sensitive data it may
contain like bank statements or online log-in credentials. We recommend
selecting the 'Always use https' option in Gmail any time your network may be

"We use https to protect your password every time you log into Gmail, but we
don't use https once you're in your mail unless you ask for it (by visiting
https://mail.google.com rather than http://mail.google.com). Why not? Because
the downside is that https can make your mail slower. Your computer has to do
extra work to decrypt all that data, and encrypted data doesn't travel across
the Internet as efficiently as unencrypted data,"

The best part, you don't need to do this setting for Calendar, Docs, Photos etc if you use the top navigation bar as shown below.

This setting is "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" . (bold, underlined & italicised :) )
Happy Safe Browsing...

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Let's play soccer

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New feature from google allows you to monitor and control login activity. Now you can see from where all you (or someone else) logged in and which IPs are online at this moment

You migh have accessed gmail from a cybercafe or a public internet terminal and forgot to log out. Now you can do a remote logout also.
“With this information, I can quickly verify that all the Gmail activity was indeed mine,” a Gmail developer at the official Gmail blog writes.

UPDATE: To know more about the IP from where your account was used, use IP2Locations tools such as http://rohit11.com/tools/ip/

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Lucky me! Today I got a half sunday after so many busy weekends. So thought of doing some "Sunday fun blogging".

Video game when the teacher is outclick to enlarge

Now onwards I'd try to do more sunday fun blogging :)

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Few days ago an interesting attempt to phish for Google account credentials made it to my friend's inbox. As you may know, phishing emails are sent out by abusers to make the recipient in some way reply with their password or click through to enter their password, but the more official looking they are, the more easily they’re believed. This particular mail, shown in the screenshot, had the following attributes:

  • It was sent by “customer care”. OK, could be a lie.

  • It got his name right... might be just luck, as his name is included in his mail address.

  • It was sent with a layout that looked very official, and it even had an actual event from his calendar listed in the information (grayed out in the screenshot in the top right). Now this one was a bit more peculiar, because who else but Google would know his private calendar events?

The subject of the mail read “[Invitation] VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT”, and the main content included this bit:

User Name, you are invited to VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT (...)This Email is from Gmail Customer Care and we are sending it to every Gmail Email User Accounts Owner for safety. we are having congestions due to the anonymous registration of Gmail accounts so we are shutting down some Gmail accounts and your account was among those to be deleted.
We are sending you this email to so that you can verify and let us know if you still want to use this account. (...)You will have to confirm your E-mail by filling out your Login Information below after clicking the reply button, or your account will be suspended within 24 hours for security reasons.
* Username:
* Password:

It’s quite obvious Google’s not likely to send out such mails for real. You might have guessed by now how this was done, though: someone apparently set up a Google account with the first name “customer” and the surname “care” (the actual email address was customerservices[some-number]@googlemail.com). They then created an event in their calendar titled “VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT” – instead of say, “Party Tonight” – with the event description being the text printed above! Finally, they added him as guest to that event, which caused Google to prepare and send the event invitation mail!

If you too ever receive a mail like this, here’s something you can do instead of actually replying: click the blue arrow to the top right of the Gmail message and pick “Report phishing”. A dialog will pop up explaining what phishing is, and it then says: “If you believe this message is a phishing attack, you can report it to our abuse team and help us thwart this attack and others like it.” Google notes though, “Reporting this message as an attack will send the entire message to our team for review.”

Be a safe netizen, REMEMBER:

  • Never ever give out your password on internet

  • Don't click any random link sent to you in emails

  • No provider will EVER delete your account if you do not send them any mail or verification

  • Report phishing if you get any such mail asking for password of orkut, yahoo or any other site.

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According to new rules unanimously passed by ICANN, at its meeting in
Paris, any company, organization or country will soon be able to apply for a new
Web address extension, called a top-level domain.

That means you can buy a TLD of your own choice soon

That could smooth the way for Web addresses that end in city names, brands
and generic words. It could also sow confusion in the minds of Web users, create
a host of new ways to exploit the Web addressing system and start a wave of
legal skirmishes over applications to register trademarks — .coke, for

Oh Great OpenTLD is here :)
Watch out for some great TLD in future.
or may be some cool domain names like store.apple or firstname.lastname

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Google is working hard to make its sites available even to people on low bandwidth. Last they worked upon gmail & now its time for orkut.
They have reworked on the code so that if the pages are taking time to load, user will get a prompt to switch over to low-bandwidth version of the same.

Good to see the initiative, at times I'm sitting idle at airport on low speed data card connections. Thats the best time to contact friends on orkut and now it will be more easier :)

Source: orkut Blog: A faster, lighter version of orkut

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Have you attempted to set a World Record with no luck? Well, now is your chance to change that!
Help set a Guinness World Record by pledging to download Firefox 3 today.
I've pledged. Have you???

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Source: http://xkcd.com

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Try Addict-o-matic founded by Dave Pell [http://davenetics.com/]
It searches the best live sites on the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images. It's the perfect tool to keep up with the hottest topics, perform ego searches and feed your addiction for what's up and what's now.

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Today we are celebrating "150 days to go..." for the commonwealth youth games 2008 in Pune.

Celebration includes waking up @ 6 in the morning and being at sarasbaug @ 7 to attend a painting event. It was hard getting up but when we reached sarasbaug, it was real fun
Painters and prominent Pune citizens came together to paint there love for the spirit of games

Let's see if I get time to attend other events like "Mall Activites" & "Paryavaran Mitra".
I'll update this post accordingly.


I'm loving this
Today I tried playing with "Google Hindi Translater" on my site and I'm still laughing on some of the translations. Some commonly used terms are very nicely translated, like "about us", "contact us" etc. But the fun is to go through the uncommon sentences. Here are a few examples

Making security a common sense
--एक सामान्य बनाने में सुरक्षा की भावना

a member driven community to spread the security awareness
-- समुदाय के एक सदस्य संचालित करने के लिए जागरूकता फैलाने की सुरक्षा है

Its fun to ride on my cruiser
-- इसका मजा की सवारी मेरे क्रूजर

Man uses networked 'crazy' toaster to hack PC (from clubhack.com)
--मनुष्य का उपयोग करता है नेटवर्क ' पागल ' टोस्ट सेंकने वाला हैक करने के लिए पीसी
[Who is using whom]

ClubHack is proud to sponsor the 4th BarCamp of pune
--क्लब पर गर्व है हैक करने के लिए पुणे के प्रायोजक के 4 BarCamp
[Oops, the meaning got changed...]

Loved reading all these, try out the fun yourself via http://translate.google.com/translate_s?hl=hi

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You must have contingency plan for every thing, even for the planning ;)

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Thanks to Deepa Gupta for the interview which got published on 27th April 2008 in "MeerutPlus".

For those who don't know, Meerut is the city where I have done my graduation from and it's like my second home today.


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Thanks to Preeti for the interview which got published on 19th April 2008 in "Westside plus".
UPDATE: & eastsideplus on 22nd April 2008

More press coverage @ http://rohit11.com/home/news.html

UPDATE: Eastsideplus version

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Geeks always find ways to protect their privacy.

Maa!!! mere liye bhi ek sweater bun de... :)

Source: http://www.geekologie.com/2008/04/warmth_and_privacy_while_using.php

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A flash file is embeded here & might take time to load.

Thanks Preeti for pointing me to this. She sang this with her kids for ~16 times :)

Thanks Ye Li for the hard work

UPDATE: Edited the video size as it was hogging the screen hiding the comments.
Need to change the template also, suggest me something in black ;)

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[Source] http://www.geekculture.com/joyoftech/joyarchives/1091.html

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Andrew bled to death


As we all remember, Google generally have something or the other for April fools day.
I was waiting to see the one for 2008 but what I noticed that this time its not 1 or 2 jokes.

Here is the list of jokes for April 2008

Gmail: Custom time
Google Calendar: Google Wake Up Kit
Gtalk: Goes green
Google Virgle
Google China: Human Search Engine
Google search DAJARE
Google Docs
Start or open an existing google doc. Select the file menu and you should see the option for "New Airplane" under "New Document".
Google book search

That's all for now, will update with more as I find them (if there are more ;))

Google gDay™ with MATE™
XKCD / qwantz / questionablecontent
http://xckd.com/ & http://www.qwantz.com/ & http://questionablecontent.net/
is now yogurt ;) http://rohit11.com/share/outer-court/yogurt.png
Google Adsense
Google Calendar
In Google Calendar today, when adding a new event, an extra button labelled "I'm Feeling Lucky" appears. When clicked, it adds a random event at a random date/time on the screen with such descriptions like "Date with Anna Kournikova" or "Date with Angelina Jolie".

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Ok, here goes the 3rd barcamp of Mumbai & this time blogcamp was plugged along with it.It was a good camp, i would call it a great success.

I gave a tiny talk on security related issues for those who maintain thier own installations of blogs.

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Akshay, my grads days buddy is now a "papa"

Reached Meerut today by 1400hrs, took lunch and rushed to hospital to meet Swati.
Swati, the brave girl was in pain but still was wearing her lovely smile. It wasn't late when she was taken to the labour room. It was like the angle was waiting for me to come :)

At 1620 hours, the little angel came into OUR life, Yes! this family is like my second home. She is so pretty and cute and tiny and lovely. Holding her was all together a different experience.

Too tired to write more but yes! I'm very much excited :D

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Great Video by Vineet @ Pune Blogger Meet
Nice work Vineet

I am the Blog

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Did I forgot to tell you?

OK, here's the link to my FriendFeed page. Now you don't have to fetch individual RSS feeds of mine to follow me.


Just point your feedreader to this and I'll feed your feedreader. I promise your feedreader wont starve.

If you have a friendfeed account, just post it in the comments so that I can keep watching you