Monday, October 15, 2007

So finally I reached SJMSOM by 1130hrs & saw that my talk was scheduled at 1400hrs. Tarun created a good base before I reached by the catchy "gabbar" statement for my topic.

Was an OK experience all together but was sorry to see the missing punch of BarCamps. All the topics of the day were circling around "start-ups" & "web2.0" (Except a very few). Is this BarCamp actually meant for?

It would be great to see more variety of topics in future BarCamps


Sheth Raxit said...

Hi Rohit,

Strongly disagree with your wording

"Many people have started thinking that BarCamp means free t-shirt, lunch & talks about web2.0."

None at BarCampMumbai2 was knowing T-shirts will be there. !

Agree that it was less Techie, as i mentioned,

But If you feel that Campers were there only for T-Shirt and Free lunch, you need to Re-Think on your wording and probably your Measuretap of measuring Janta has having some Problem.

-Raxit Sheth

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