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So finally I reached SJMSOM by 1130hrs & saw that my talk was scheduled at 1400hrs. Tarun created a good base before I reached by the catchy "gabbar" statement for my topic.

Was an OK experience all together but was sorry to see the missing punch of BarCamps. All the topics of the day were circling around "start-ups" & "web2.0" (Except a very few). Is this BarCamp actually meant for?

It would be great to see more variety of topics in future BarCamps

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Very true!
Attended MashupCamp yesterday in Pune & here I'm on my way to BarCampMumbai2.

Thought of trying the alternate mode of commute to Mumbai & hopped on "Deccan Queen" in the morning at about 0715. Man! this is a nice train. Much comfortable than Volvo travel to Mumbai.

And above all, I'm connected. Thanks to Reliance data card, speed sucks but connectivity rocks :)

I hope to reach event venue by 1100hrs. Already informed Tarun to book my slot for the talk. From the BarCamp wiki, its seems like BCM2 is already a hit, registration count has gone above the expectation & people are still registering.

I hope this would be an interesting day.