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I was digging MS Defender (anti-malware) & found that even MS is thinking before classifying tools like
EXPLORER.EXE (Windows Explorer)
IEXPLORE.EXE (Internet Explorer)

See that ypager.exe is classifed :)

MS trust yahoo but not itself.

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Digital Samurai pointed out 14 lessons from the Google Story
My selected few

1. Connections - human, computer, biology - are everything. Life = networks.
2. Never compromise your ideals because someone said it’s impossible, stupid, or a waste of time.
3. Do focus on changing the world, don’t focus on the money. If you provide value, the money will come.
4. Have a healthy disregard for the impossible. If someone hasn’t done it yet, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
5. Money is a problem, not a solution. Money cannot solve your problems, but your solutions can solve the money problem.
6. Value creativity, not money. View creativity as your company’s true bottom-line, or your company will stop growing and die.
7. Go against the grain. Don’t believe in other people’s visions for you, believe in your own.
8. Quality is more important than looking good. A shiny, beautiful car isn’t impressive when it gets overtaken by an old jalopy; the same applies to software.
9. Focus on users above all else, e.g. don’t do something that might annoy your users just to make more money, they won’t forget.
10. Never betray users’ trust, or anyone else’s.
11. Spend 20% of your time on blue-sky ideas without worrying about how they will make a profit. If it might change the world for the better, it needs to be done, even if it can’t make money.
12. Don’t make enemies of your competitors to stay driven. Be driven by your own values and mission.

Original Story : http://digitalsamurai.co.za/blog/2006/09/16/14-things-you-can-learn-from-the-google-story/

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Casual browsing took me to a page where the page auther has claimed he know top 50 adsense keywords most of them are from "Loan Consolidation"

Looking the list & the kind of compilation I don't think it has any practicle value associated with it

The list has few duplications with different CPC value of the same
orlando culinary institute $46.84
orlando culinary institute $46.69
orlando culinary institute $46.51

This shows how trustworthy it is

Can you imagine this guy has actually done so much of hard work (pun intended) to crack google's secret & given you the top paying list

Small sample from his site

Adword & its Average CPC
school loan consolidation $69.16
college loan consolidation $68.35
car insurance quotes $66.88
school consolidation $66.29
auto insurance quotes $65.90
college consolidation $64.04
student loan consolidation rates $60.14
sell structured settlement $59.82
sell annuity $58.92
federal student loan consolidation $58.58

theproguy: Most expensive adwords - 'Loan consolidation' clear winner

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Nice blogs about how to handle those direct marketting calls

I'm sure you too might have got such calls

A complete hindi blog entry

And the source of insipration, a flow chart to handle such calls


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While trying to reset password of a google account I came across this Captcha
It reads CHOTA, which means small in Indian language

So what you call this

Captcha being decided in hyderabad office of google ;)

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Extracts from the latest issue of The Amazing Spider-man, #533

"I didn’t learn about the first side effect until well after the fact ... Once the news hit the television networks ... thirty million people went online and did simulatenous Google searches on Peter Parker ... and crashed the entire internet."

"Including the porn sites."

The comic strip says

"--thirty million people went online and did simultaneous Google searches on Peter Parker--"

"--and crashed the entire internet."

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"Many mobile phones today have more processing power than early Internet servers"

Nokia thought why not to make use of the cellphone in everyhand today

Nokia has ported the Apache webserver to Symbian, in order to enable mobile phones to serve content on the World Wide Web. The technique could also be used on Linux mobile phones.

Nokia ported mod_python, in order to enable dynamic pages generated from both Python scripts and PSP (python server pages). Other built-in modules include mod_alias, mod_auth, mod_autoindex, mod_dav, mod_dav_fs, mod_dir, mod_log_config, mod_mime, mod_rewrite, and mod_setenvif.


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Nice One

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In a survey report of websense it has been revealed that

$ men do more for personal surfing @ office. (like What I'm doing right now)
This include weather, sports, investment/stock, and blogs
$ 45% of women visits site containing spyware. (are they that much attracted towards those ads...)

Web Security, Internet Filtering and Internet Security Software - Websense, Inc.

As per Michael Newman, vice president and general counsel, Websense, Inc.
“However, one significant similarity shown in the survey is that both genders can easily be lured in by the internet for its sheer entertainment value or as a resource to complete personal errands. Workplace internet solutions should balance employees’ needs for personal use of the web at work without draining overall productivity or morale, all while keeping employees safe from new web-based security threats such as spyware and phishing attacks.”

Happy Surfing...

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I stumbled upon this site while surfing yesterday

People have found very good way to earn from google adsense.
Lets attract people with firefox, lure them towards firefox(i dont say firefox is bad).
People will click on the firefox ad, download, install & Kaboom, your adsense account got referal amount.

But somehow IMHO its not a good way to earn...

Its good to love an opensource product, its good to promote it, but i don't think people will put there business in stake if the users viewing thier websites are using IE.

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I was trying to install Windows 2003 R2 on my machine (2.8Ghz, 1GB RAM, 80GB Disk) when I came across this wornderful error

It says "Out of Virtual Memory" :)
On a blank machine, before the installation is complete :D

And the best part, the memory is so low for it to display a proper message on the message box
Have a closer view to the message box

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A clock shows 9 AM.

After 479999999999989 hours what will it show ?

More importantly, how will you solve this?

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While writing my last blog I came across this
While doing "spell check" blogspot suggested my to correct spelling of "Google" & the suggested spellings were "Googol", "Goggle",etc. Have a look at the image :)

Other errors were in spelling of blog & blogspot :D

I wonder google has not added its own name in the thesaurus of blogspot


Good question!!!
You want to remove your URL from google's cache.

One can change the page hosted by themselves & get it offline from internet, but we all know by now.
Google is very intelligent & keeps a tab of your online activities

So if you really want to remove a URL from google's cache, this URL can help you
Although you'll have to give proper reasons & convince them, & they will take some 3-4 days to do the same, but still you can try & get results.

Hope this will help a lot of people around

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Lots of stories read about folders or files with names CON, PRN, AUX, NUL etc cannot be created in Windows as these are reserved names for DOS devices.
But there is a way to go around to create folders with these names.
(If you REALLY REALLY want it by that name)

STEP1: goto command prompt

STEP2: type in prompt c:\> "mkdir \\.\c:\NUL"

STEP3: verify by typing "dir \\.\c:\NUL"

STEP4: delete the file or folder "rmdir \\.\c:\NUL"

\\.\ <-- this lets the windows know that the name NUL used is not the name for DOS devices but instead it is used for creating a Windows directory.

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A Nice One...


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