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Nice One

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In a survey report of websense it has been revealed that

$ men do more for personal surfing @ office. (like What I'm doing right now)
This include weather, sports, investment/stock, and blogs
$ 45% of women visits site containing spyware. (are they that much attracted towards those ads...)

Web Security, Internet Filtering and Internet Security Software - Websense, Inc.

As per Michael Newman, vice president and general counsel, Websense, Inc.
“However, one significant similarity shown in the survey is that both genders can easily be lured in by the internet for its sheer entertainment value or as a resource to complete personal errands. Workplace internet solutions should balance employees’ needs for personal use of the web at work without draining overall productivity or morale, all while keeping employees safe from new web-based security threats such as spyware and phishing attacks.”

Happy Surfing...

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I stumbled upon this site while surfing yesterday

People have found very good way to earn from google adsense.
Lets attract people with firefox, lure them towards firefox(i dont say firefox is bad).
People will click on the firefox ad, download, install & Kaboom, your adsense account got referal amount.

But somehow IMHO its not a good way to earn...

Its good to love an opensource product, its good to promote it, but i don't think people will put there business in stake if the users viewing thier websites are using IE.

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I was trying to install Windows 2003 R2 on my machine (2.8Ghz, 1GB RAM, 80GB Disk) when I came across this wornderful error

It says "Out of Virtual Memory" :)
On a blank machine, before the installation is complete :D

And the best part, the memory is so low for it to display a proper message on the message box
Have a closer view to the message box