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A clock shows 9 AM.

After 479999999999989 hours what will it show ?

More importantly, how will you solve this?

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While writing my last blog I came across this
While doing "spell check" blogspot suggested my to correct spelling of "Google" & the suggested spellings were "Googol", "Goggle",etc. Have a look at the image :)

Other errors were in spelling of blog & blogspot :D

I wonder google has not added its own name in the thesaurus of blogspot


Good question!!!
You want to remove your URL from google's cache.

One can change the page hosted by themselves & get it offline from internet, but we all know by now.
Google is very intelligent & keeps a tab of your online activities

So if you really want to remove a URL from google's cache, this URL can help you
Although you'll have to give proper reasons & convince them, & they will take some 3-4 days to do the same, but still you can try & get results.

Hope this will help a lot of people around

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Lots of stories read about folders or files with names CON, PRN, AUX, NUL etc cannot be created in Windows as these are reserved names for DOS devices.
But there is a way to go around to create folders with these names.
(If you REALLY REALLY want it by that name)

STEP1: goto command prompt

STEP2: type in prompt c:\> "mkdir \\.\c:\NUL"

STEP3: verify by typing "dir \\.\c:\NUL"

STEP4: delete the file or folder "rmdir \\.\c:\NUL"

\\.\ <-- this lets the windows know that the name NUL used is not the name for DOS devices but instead it is used for creating a Windows directory.

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A Nice One...